Integrated security systems

We specialise in pragmatic solutions to challenging security issues, integrating new equipment with existing systems, optimising control room layouts and providing large businesses, local authorities and utilities suppliers with complete, accredited peace of mind.

Leading security system technology

Since 1985, CDS has been at the forefront of security system technology, design, installation and integration, protecting the UK's public and infrastructure and aiding law enforcement by capturing vital information.

Nationwide security solutions

Our vital work on IPCCTV systems, access control and ANPR (to name just a few services) spreads across Wales and the south of England, including public access and town centre, healthcare and education security projects in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Swansea, Bristol, Birmingham, London and beyond.

  • Sectors

    We design and install integrated security systems at many nationwide locations for a number clients within the public, education, health, utilities, commercial and retail sectors.

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  • Accreditations

    Here at CDS, we hold a number of leading, industry-recognised accreditations in quality management, environmental management, security installation and contracting so you can be sure of the very highest standard of work.

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  • Projects

    With decades of experience in providing integrated security solutions to a number of industry sectors, our clients rely on us to provide the highest standard of work, delivered on time and within budget.

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Access Control

Know who to let in, where. Access control refers to any system which offers the capability to control and monitor access to specific areas within a facility.

Perimeter Intruder Detection

To raise the alarm. PIDS are integrated systems designed to raise an alarm or initiate CCTV recording should an intruder enter a restricted area.


From car park to high street. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software captures car number plates and relay the information back to a central database.


Wired systems aren't always practical. Utilising a secure wireless infrastructure in conjunction with IP CCTV systems can make the deployment of multiple cameras much easier.

Control Room

Bringing the system together. CDS-supplied video walls are comprised of individual display devices, placed edge-to-edge to produce a larger, unified display.


Recording and interrogating data with ease. Network or Digital Video Recording (NVR/DVR) equipment offers higher quality images with greater flexibility and efficiency of functionality.


On the cutting edge of technologies and methods. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) remains an extremely popular tool to help reduce crime as a proven and effective deterrent.

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