Education sector sees increase in budgets but the pressure’s still on to cut security costs

shutterstock_163323581Thanks to an upturn in available budgets, CDS has noted a substantial increase in work in the education sector.

Recent projects undertaken by CDS depict an increasing trend in the request for integrated security solutions, with universities, schools and government bodies all benefitting from its experience and expertise.

But while funding is available there seems to be increasing pressure to spend less on security services.

As a result, CDS is being approached to undertake even more deeply integrated security projects, utilising its expertise in this area to provide long-term, low cost security solutions for its clients.

“Security systems are integral to the continued safety of the public,” explains Andrew Williams, Director at CDS, “but if budget constraints are forcing you to cut back on yours it’s time to talk to CDS. We’ve been providing solutions to financial limitations for over 25 years, offering our expertise in the integration of aged systems with the latest technologies. Our integration methods mean customers receive all the benefits of a new system without the cost.”

There is a general fear that security systems are at the highest risk when it comes to budget cuts, but latest statistics show that a large percentage of solved crimes are solved as a direct result of evidence captured by these security systems – saving police time and ultimately money within the public spending areas.